OligoArrayDb File Download

The database contains 5 tables. Here are compressed TAB-delimited images of each table:

For experienced users who plan to use PostgreSQL to run a local database, we provide a script (build_OligoArrayDb_database.txt) to build all the tables for you. Just create the database (createdb OligoArrayDb) and then the tables (psql OligoArrayDb \i build_OligoArrayDb_database.txt). Please note that you may need to give the full length path to the build_OligoArrayDb_database.txt file on your system. Then, copy the flatfiles into the database (psql OligoArrayDb \copy table_name from 'path_to_table_file' where table_name is either organism, cds, oligo, xhybrid or parameters and path_to_table_file is the full length path to the uncompressed flatfile). Please note that we use SEQUENCES to number new entries in many tables, so if you plan to add your own data into your local database, you will have to figure out what is the next sequence number available and start from that.


Contact: Jean-Marie Rouillard