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Jean-Marie Rouillard's home page. I have developed bioinformatic tools that are intended for biologists.

Prof. E. Gulari's lab, Chemical Engineering Department, U. of Michigan. I am currently doing probe design and validation in the BioChip group.

Prof. M. Zuker's Home Page. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY. OligoArray is using his Mfold server to compute secondary structure.

NCBI. Genbank is one of my major sources of sequences.

Oligonucleotide design for microarrays

Free Softwares :

ProbeSelect: They have described algorithms to optimize the selection of specific probes for each gene in an entire genome.

Featurama / ProbePicker: The Featurama software is intended as a tool to aid biological researchers employing custom designed oligonucleotide microarrays with oligonucleotide design for their experiments.

OligoPicker: This program is to help selecting one 70-mer oligo for each of the DNA sequences you provided for microarray experiments.

OligoArray 1.0: The previous version of OligoArray. I do not support it anymore.

Probewiz: The CBS ProbeWiz WWW server predicts optimal PCR primer pairs for generation of probes for cDNA arrays.

Commercial Softwares:

ArrayDesigner: from PREMIER Biosoft International

Oligonucleotide DNA chips

Xeotron Co. They make pre-designed and custom chips.
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